Guaranteeing a private equity loan.

Right now there are a large number of people and families who urgently need cash, the general crisis situation has made many people unable to face their debts and it is very difficult for them to make ends meet. As banks have very strict conditions to grant credits, it is necessary to resort to private equity companies, in these companies, only a single requirement is required to obtain money and this can be obtained by guaranteeing a private equity loan with one of these guarantees.

Loan that meet your needs

Loan that meet your needs

In the specific case of our company, we can provide loans to our clients guaranteeing them with almost all kinds of properties or goods, from floors, vehicles, pieces of art, etc. the user has a wide variety of options to guarantee a private equity loan. There is only one exception, jewelry, this does not prevent the consumer from having a high percentage of chances of getting the money they need.

A maximum of 20% of the value of the guarantees can be obtained, an amount that is closely related to the quality of the guarantees.

As we have advanced, by guaranteeing a private capital loan with a property, which can be of any nature or class, it is possible to obtain cash. These loans also have a series of very interesting advantages; the fact of being able to enjoy the money in a reasonably short period of time, less than 72 hours as long as we have received all the documentation in our offices.

Loan without payroll

Loan without payroll

The client who does not have payroll or is enrolled in a list of defaulters, can get a loan and their financial situation is not an impediment for us.

The real estate that is guaranteed to our private loans must have the common characteristic of being totally free of charges or mortgages. Flats, houses, premises, etc. may be valid. And we do not accept plots, quarries, or land because these properties are usually linked to very marked variations in their prices in the market, therefore they are not acceptable guarantees.

There is also the possibility of making an early cancellation with a 0% penalty as long as the user has been with us for a year on a mandatory basis, in addition, the installments of our credits can be paid in a very flexible and comfortable way, adapting at all times to the client’s personal needs.

Individual loan term

Individual loan term

The terms of the individual loans can be paid in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual installments. And in the event that the client needs an official appraisal of the home, this is a process that we can also deal with at a fairly reduced price for the consumer or user.

For all these reasons, we want the client to keep in mind that they can easily obtain a loan by guaranteeing a private capital loan with a property that has enough value so that we can grant the amount they need. If you have questions, you should contact us as soon as possible and you can immediately ask us for the amount of money you need. 

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